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Arwen was formed in Madrid (Spain) in mid 1996 with the intention of making a melodic Rock-Metal band with aggresive and progressive influences and OST arrangements. After their first demo´s and live shows, the band recorder their first oficial demo “At the End” and until 2000 the band progressed and worked on defining their style and findig members to complete their lineup.
During this period, the band played many shows, sharing stage with many bands like Def con Dos, also taking part of various music contests where they would win the famous “Villa de Madrid” in Hortaleza. In December 2001 Arwen gets signed with metal label Arise Records. Arise makes a firm ccommitment, beginning with the inclusion in the “Metal Earth” álbum with bands such as Dark Moor, Seraphim (Taiwan) Axenstar (Sweden), Vhaldemar, Red Wine, Mourning Caress (Germany) and many more. After this starts a big journey working with the labekl, which ends in the recording in Cube Studios in May 2002 of the debut álbum “Memories of a Dream”, recorded and mixed by Alberto Seara.
Memories was distributed by SPV Labela ll over Europe with a great acceptance, and also licenced in many countries like Russia, Greece, USA, Mexico, Canada, Taiwan and finally Japan, where King Records launches a special edition od Memories with 3 exclusive bonus tracks for Japan. During 2002-2003 the band is included in the álbum “The Keepers of Jericho”, tribute to the great German band Helloween, with the song March of Time. In this tribute 2 part álbum many international renown artists were included like Rhapsody, Heavens Gate, Sonata Artica, Labyrinth, Iron Saviour, Beto Vazquez and many more.
After a year and a half of hard work preparing new songs, the band finally locks up in New Life Studios, to record their next work under the production of Jose Garrido & Daniel Melian. This álbum was released in 2005 and it´s name was “Illussions”.
For the media and critics this album greatly surpassed all that was expected from it, it recieved a lot of attention from the media and the sales increased greatly. Again, Arwen´s album is licenced in the same countries as “Memories…” but this time with better reviews and better sales.
Also a different version of “Riding Alone” was recorded as a bonus track for the Japanese version of the album Arwen is introduced in Argentina, where among great acceptance, two songs, “Dance of Souls” and “Riding Alone” reach top two positions in the main radio stations for three months in a row. Also great acceptance and Colombia, Mexico and Chile, and surprisingly in UK where Nick Hinton gave the álbum a 9.5 in “Virtuoso” magazine. Also in Spain Arwen has great Reviews in “Mariskal Rock” and starts a tour during 2005-2006 to present “Illusions” The First part of the tour is with the swedish band “Evergrey” and later on with some shows with Argentinian band “Rata Blanca” In 2006-2007 after failing to reach an agreement regarding a Japanese tour and many other reasons, Arwen and Arise Records end their contract.
Between 2008-2010 there were more tours, with Jeff Scott Soto, in Madrid as well as Brasilian band “Tempest” or German band “Axxis” After a hiatus Arwen is reformed in 2014 with a new formation and starts composing a new album. This album is recorded again in New Life Studios starting in 2016 and recording during 2016-2017 due to limited availability in the studio´s Schedule. This álbum will be available on 14th December 2018.

Jose Garrido – Vocals lead, guitars

Jose Garrido

Gonzalo Alfageme- Guitars

Gonzalo Alfageme

Daniel Sabugal – Bass, Vocals (backing)

Daniel Sabugal

Nacho Arriaga – Drums, Percussion

Nacho Arriaga

David Muñoz – Keyboards, Piano

David teclista arwen